About Joshua Porter

I'm the creator of What to Wear, a simple and useful daily email. I'm also an product designer and writer. I love making interfaces that are easy and pleasurable to use.

Joshua Porter

Current Projects

I'm currently working on the What to Wear Daily Report, a daily email that recommends what clothes to wear based on the weather. It's super simple and useful and free. Check it out!

I'm still writing the Bokardo blog and have been for ten years. I've written the blog since 2000. Here I write mostly about product design.

I'm slowly writing a book called Make them Care! focused on the design and marketing of product web sites.

I co-host a monthly?quarterly? meetup called the North Shore Web Geeks. All persons interested in web-related activities are welcome!


I was the Director of UX at HubSpot for three years, which acquired Performable in June 2011, where I was co-founder.

I've been an interface designer for a decade. I remember the first time I designed an interface all the way back in my very first computer science class in 1997. I was hooked instantly, and ever since I've been working on the Web.

I'm also the Co-founder of 52 Weeks of UX (along with the uber-talented Joshua Brewer), a premier UX blog with a strong readership of over 10,000 UX professionals.

I'm the founder of Bokardo Design, a design consultancy focusing exclusively on social web applications. I do interface design, evaluation, and consulting for a wide range of clients. I love nothing more than a challenging social interaction problem.

I wrote the book Designing for the Social Web, which has done much better than I could have hoped for.

I speak internationally on interface & social design topics, having been lucky enough to be invited to UX London in England and Webstock in New Zealand.

Before founding Bokardo Design, I was the Director of Web Development at User Interface Engineering. In addition to making the web site run on time, I did design & usability consulting for a wide range of clients.

I used to loosely curate the Microcopy Flickr Group.

Check out my very out of date Reading List.

Quick Bio

Grew up in Maine. Live in Newburyport, MA. Love the outdoors, writing, and design. I have a beautiful wife, two daughters, a son, and I'm a twin (sister) with an older brother. I go mountain biking and rock climbing when I'm not chasing my kids around. I am a New Englander to the core.

My Philosophy

Five principles guide my design philosophy (read more here):

  1. The Experience belongs to the user.
  2. Technology serves humans.
  3. Design is not Art.
  4. Great design is invisible.
  5. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Get in Touch

Feel free to drop me a line at porter@bokardo.com